As I organized my suitcase last night for an amazing trip to Arizona’s Canyons and deserts, I realized that my Surface Pro would not be home from the repair shop until after I left.  I have never been so relieved.  I had already made lists of the posts I would have to make for Guaranteed Fitness and Bodyworks, photos that I would post on Facebook, movies I would watch on Netflix.  It actually made me stressed out.  Did you know, that is exactly what it is doing to each of us every day.

Technology effects the brain in such a way that it could be considered addictive.  The need to respond to posts, emails, blogs, upload, export, mutli-send, it is a frenzy and it creates that in your body systems as well.  Additionally, as you know, this is not just for the grown up.  Consider how long your 7 year old will be exposed to this form of communication by the time he/she is an adult.  Also remind yourself how many times you have to say their name before you get their attention.

Technology seems to be completely necessary, however, I find the disconnect from human beings a bit too much sometimes.  I still like to call people, hug them and receive snail mail.

So the moral of my thoughts is this…I have never been so happy to not have a computer at my disposal as I hike into the Grand Canyon, do yoga in Sedona and breathe deep in Navajo Nation.  I will plug back in in 8 days!!



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