What emotion are you feeling when your brow is all crinkled up....there is a list of potentials!!

What emotion are you feeling when your brow is all crinkled up….there is a list of potentials!!

Our face tells a story.  All of our expressions are the first to be seen even before we open our mouths.  Beyond the permanant imprint of wrinkles right between the eyes, you may leave an unappealing impression on a person you encounter.  Of course, this is the least of our concerns.  More important is the fact that the occurrence of this facial corrugation (the muscle doing the work is actually called the corrugator supercilii) often translates into worry, tension or concern.  Happiness is rarely part of this face!!  Although, I find myself looking like this while I am thinking…checking in, I should make sure my thoughts are positive, uplifting or beneficial in some way.  There is no need to look this way if they are!!

Try your best to check in with yourself, and your face to eliminate this habit.  What are you thinking when you realize you are in this contracted state…If nothing else, relax your muscles and as you focus on that you may change your mindset…..Your furrowed brow speaks volumes….



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