You may not think you have to worry about Osteoarthritis right now, however, today is the best day to think about it!!  OA,  as it is commonly called, is a degenerative joint issue that occurs over time…This can effect any joint and any body, even young bodies that endure repetitive stress in one area for extended periods during their life.  Case in point:  I have a young 18 year old client that now has arthritis in her knees due to her position as a catcher on her softball team.  She had been playing for about 12 years and catcher for at least 8 of those years.  She became an incredible player, however the price she is paying is a lifetime of knee pain, arthritis and quite frankly, the possibility of a knee replacement later in life.

Do we simply stop doing the things we love because there is a possibility of OA in our future….NO, NO, NO.  Wear and tear on our body will happen anyway, there is no way around it.  I will say this, though:  Self care is something that you should adopt ASAP. Stretching your body, doing yoga, keeping your muscles long, watching your posture and yes, I’ll say it, massage are major players in keeping your joints from compressing especially as we age.    osteoarthritis


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