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Healing the Whole Person

Did you know that many behavioral concerns, mental health issues, and even physical limitations are rooted in brain speed disruption? While these examples of brainwave dysregulation may be caused by any number of stressors, Neurofeedback is a unique, drug-free, non-invasive approach to address just about any type of brainwave dysregulation. Also called “brain training”, neurofeedback is a guided exercise to regulate brain speeds that have become imbalanced.

At Dynamic Balance, we confront each person’s symptoms with a functional approach to healing. We offer many strategies and tasks to start integrating the brain’s neuroplasticity with the daily experiences of life, including education about nutrition and lifestyle management, as well as information to create more self- supporting habits. The truth is, our bodies have an amazing ability to cope and heal from most of the chronic issues we face today. Each individual has their own blueprint, both with the onset of a condition and the start of the related treatment. We utilize a combination of Neurofeedback brainwave training, Massage Therapy, Polarity Therapy and Nutritional Counseling to be proactive in addressing symptoms and establishing a broader path to better overall well being.

Creating Alternative Options:

To heal the whole person

For optimal brain health

To incorporate valuable nutrition

To release old thought patterns

To align your mind and body

To empower and educate you

So you are in control


"My child has been struggling with school for so long. We tried medications, IEPs, diet change and traditional therapy. These things had minimal effect to help her. However, within eight sessions with Michelle and brain training we have seen such a change in our child's emotional well being as well as her engagement and performance in school. She is loving to learn again. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have found something that is working for my daughter."

Janet, Amesbury MA

"Our daughter was diagnosed with ADHD when she was 8 years old. She had difficulty moderating her time, energy and emotions, difficulty sleeping through the night, made careless mistakes, had illegible handwriting and was challenged by many aspects of executive function. Over a series of neurofeedback sessions we witnessed subtle and beautiful changes occur. Our daughter began sleeping steadily through the night, her handwriting became legible, her focus increased, as did her ability to manage her time, among other things. Of course she is not a different person and she still faces challenges that any 12 year old might face. The difference is that she faces those challenges calmly, with focus, tenacity, and confidence. We are so pleased to have had the opportunity to give our daughter an alternative facet to help her learn how to learn, one that is long lasting and is initiated within her. She feels empowered and happy."

M. C., Newburyport, MA

"I’ve been having issues with my working memory since high school. I simply attributed it to having ADHD or stress. However, after having a qEEG brain map done with Michelle, I realized the scope and lasting effects of my two high school sports related concussions. She took one look at my brain map and asked if I had ever had a head trauma. It was clearly evident where my brain had been affected and the effects it had on the rest of my brain to try and compensate for the trauma. I’m currently about half way through the treatment program and I have to say, my working memory is improving in ways that startle me. I remember street names and phone numbers with ease that I haven’t experienced in years. This may sound like simple things, but it makes such a difference in my confidence and my daily activity to not have to check and recheck a fact or figure."

Dean, Claremont, NH

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