“Healing the whole person requires a talented team.”

Michelle Baker

Michelle has been working with the human body for almost 30 years, utilizing modalities of eastern and western practice to help educate and facilitate the healing process for many physical, energetic, and neurologically based conditions.

Starting in her early 20’s in therapeutic exercise, she specialized in neuromuscular conditions and began to recognize the emotional and energetic symptoms these conditions carried with them for her clients.  Michelle began researching these areas and how they affected the body as well as the brain. Incorporating soft tissue work and Polarity Therapy for energetic alignment, she realized that the body can be healed, but stressful circumstances take a toll on our brain and, in effect, also our behavior and emotional regulation.  To help the whole human, Neurofeedback was added to her practice.

Michelle is a graduate of Salem State College, is Board Certified in Neurofeedback by the BCIA, an Advanced Certified BrainCore Neurofeedback Practitioner, a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer, and a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner. Michelle is currently working on her graduate degree at Harvard University and aspires to create a treatment program using her focused modalities for all levels of stress-driven challenges, while bridging the gap between alternative and conventional healing.

Paige has been a Massage Therapist for over 17 years, unless you ask her mother, who would tell you she has been practicing since she was 7!  Paige recognized that time is short and wanted to use her gifts to help people integrate balance in their lives by taking the time out to reconnect the body, mind, and spirit. Paige will happily join you on your wellness journey, lending a helping hand while you navigate your path to well-being.

Paige has always wanted to be a massage therapist for as long as she can remember, happily “treating” her older brother and sisters. Her continued education combined with her intuition makes Paige a very sought-after massage therapist.  She is determined in helping you reach your full potential either on the court or in court. Her sessions can be best described as an experience in healing and connection.

If you are looking for a Massage Therapist who can help you with your recent injury recovery, performance, or strategy to achieve more calmness in your life please don’t hesitate to reach out!  You can reach Paige at [email protected] or 617-872-9900.

Want to Learn If You Are a Candidate for Neurofeedback?

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