Polarity Therapy is an energetic healing modality that utilizes reflexology, cranio-sacral therapy and acupressure as well as other concepts from Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. Developed by Dr. Randolph Stone in the early 1900’s, this practice aligns all levels of the human system within the mind, body and life force. The theory behind Polarity Therapy indicates that illness and disease are outward expressions of blocked energy due to accidents, physical and emotional trauma and deep cellular memory. Every experience we have, both positive and negative, can have a lasting effect on all of our cellular structures leading to the development of specific manifestations through illness, stress responses and our mental attitude. When we work to unblock these meridians we communicate with the nervous system, activate our immune system and clear our thought processes to create a higher level of health and well being. This is a client focused treatment that allows the individual to take a hands on approach to their health and gain clarity to the source of their conditions healing the cause rather than just the symptoms.