Anyone can benefit from the information in a Brain Map. 

A quantitative electroencephalogram is referred to as a qEEG Brain Map.  It’s our most powerful tool to understand how your brain is performing!  Sensors on a qEEG brain cap pick up the electrical activity of your brain and measures those speeds to tell us how your brain is functioning. 

The goal of the map is to target the areas of the brain that may be dysregulated by either firing too fast or too slow, or by not communicating effectively with other parts within the brain.  The map is able to show where dysregulation is occurring in your brain so we can better understand the root cause of your symptoms and behaviors.

To exercise the brain, a Neurofeedback session might consist of watching TV with sensors on your head that read your brainwaves in real time.  When your brain regulates itself well to create an optimal pattern, our program will reward your brain by adjusting the brightness and sound of the TV.  Your brain then quickly figures out how to regulate itself normally so it can get more rewards.  With time and repetition, this brain training helps regulate your brain’s activity to reduce symptoms of anxiety, sleeplessness, lack of focus, low moods and so much more.

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