Although Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can present at any age, it is considered a developmental disorder because it generally shows up around age 2 or 3 years old.  Studies have found that those who live with ASD have a lot of high speeds in one area of their brain, and very slow speeds in another.

ASD in itself can be a very broad range of symptoms that impact the nervous systems. Although research is still inconclusive as to what causes symptoms of autism, the range of characteristics include: challenges with/in social situations, repetitive behaviors, speech difficulties and sensory issues.

Because their symptoms can be a combination of an over-aroused and/or under-aroused nervous system, it is essential to stabilize the brain speeds, especially around the sensory motor cortex. Training this area with Neurofeedback has been shown to help stabilize brain speeds, which in turn, can reduce symptoms of emotional outbursts and hyperactivity, while also strengthening social interaction, creativity, speech, and responses to teacher and parental instruction.  There can also be an improvement in initiating touch and contact with others.   

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