Nutrition Consultations with Sarah Quinn

When it comes to health, recognizing what you eat, how much you move, what you think, how you feel, and how you interact with others are all important pieces of the puzzle. We firmly believe that incorporating healthy choices into your daily diet can have dramatic effects on how your brain and body perform, the strength of your immune system, how you respond to stress, and how you feel every day.

Too much unhealthy fat, sugar, salt, processed foods, and inherent chemicals can interfere with your body’s ability to operate at its best. What you eat truly matters.  The role of food is to nourish you – your brain included! If we are to live our best life, we must begin to make this connection between our power of choice and what that means to our health.

Initial Nutrition Consult (60 minutes) – During your initial appointment, we’ll go over a detailed health history, current diet and lifestyle patterns, and any nutrient deficiencies indicated in your Neurofeedback program. Together, we will address your health goals by creating a plan to set you up for success in reaching those goals.

Follow Up Nutrition Consult (30 minutes) – During your follow-up appointment, we’ll discuss your successes and challenges with the current plan. We’ll then work together to determine any necessary changes and create new goals based on your progress.

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